Digital Membership Cards For Museums & Arts Organizations

Offer an additional easy and effective channel of communication to your members and donors with Digital Membership Cards.

Use a platform to convey programming and value to members and donors, helping to cultivate deeper relationships.

Promote your membership benefits, discounts, and reciprocal programs to the fullest.

Send push notifications directly to the top of of their device to remind members when their membership is about to lapse.

Streamline your team's administrative efforts in updating records, and automating outreach.

Go green and reduce your carbon footprint with an environmentally friendly option.

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Deepen Member & Donors ties through Digital Membership Cards.

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"It’s refreshing to our students to be able to download their card on their iPhone or Android. We’re glad when our new graduates are able to say, ‘my alumni association is cutting-edge."

"Working with Cuseum allowed us to still get our membership cards out digitally throughout the pandemic."

Souther Oregon University

UTSA Alumni Association


Integrate your membership database with your CRM platform.

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