2021 Membership Insights Report

What does membership look like in 2021 and beyond? We have the latest data and expert insights.

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What membership leaders like you are already doing in 2021

Why cultural organizations are launching virtual membership initiatives



How to determine your top membership priorities for the year ahead

How you can move your membership program into the digital era


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In the past year, cultural organizations have undergone a rapid turn towards digital. For membership professionals, this raises the question: how do we go digital with membership?

  • Advice and recommendations from 100+ membership leaders.
  • Never-before-seen data on 2021 membership predictions and priorities.
  • 5 strategies to move your membership program into the digital era.

If you’re looking for the answers, look no further. From digital benefits, virtual events, digital membership cards, virtual appreciation weeks, to virtual membership levels, this report outlines how and why leading cultural organizations are supporting digital transformation in membership.

“Virtual member events are top priority. Nearly 65% of our membership is from out of state. While the pandemic affected the way people visit, our members have always desired more virtual content and events, so the pandemic has quickened our pace.” — Jennifer Kleven, Grants & Gifts Manager @ Neon Museum

“Digital content does a great job keeping people engaged, and it gives them options on how they want to engage.” Emily Ferguson, Membership Manager @ The San Diego Natural History Museum

With the majority of our programs offered free of charge, giving members a more ‘concierged’ service or first-tier access was an easy, cost-free benefit that we felt would appeal to our members.” Barbara Acuna-Taylor, Director of Special Events @ Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

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